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Native Among You

Brand Identity +  Logo Design + Illustration

Phil from Native Among You came to our studio with the exciting challenge of creating a detailed logo for his new brand. Already a well-known wedding photographer in the Midwest, Phil desired to take his brand to a deeper level. We built an identity based on authenticity and that captured his true heart and personal story. 

The Process

Native Among You had used an anatomical heart as the symbol of their brand since the beginning. The challenge was to take this heart and build upon it to tell an even larger story. Our studio broke down Phil’s love for adventure and capturing love stories into several recognizable sketches that were then elegantly stitched together to make one cohesive piece.

The End Result

Being that all the illustrations were crafted by hand, the brand took on a raw and authentic style which transferred seamlessly into the theme of Native Among You’s photography. These illustrations were reproduced and more were created to be used for further brand merchandise and web.

Native Among You is rapidly growing and has become a highly sought after wedding photographer. They have been featured on many sites such as Wedding Pioneer and Looks Like Film. We are honored to have played a role in creating the identity they are so confidently succeeding in. 


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