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Brand Identity +  Mobile UI Design + Logo Design

Ekko is a mobile app that creates task lists and tracks progress. Due to the nature of the app, our team was purposeful in making the UI clean and inviting to encourage users to stay engaged. Over the two year partnership, Vetter Design was able to design a website, mobile app, and complete brand identity for the company.


The thought process behind the Ekko branding was to create a brand that was warm, exciting, and fun. The name Ekko was chosen in reference to the idea that people's goals will motivate their peers and therefore create a repeated chain of an events (an "echo"). 

A parrot was created to be the primary symbol for the app due to their ability to echo sounds and their fun appearance. The parrot icon was then designed to have many different emotions and was used throughout the app to encourage users on their journey.


final parrots-02.png
final parrots-03.png
final parrots-05.png
final parrots-04.png
Interface Design

While creating the app, the Vetter Design team went through many iterations of user flows and mocks to make the user interface intuitive and easy to use. A company landing page was built using HTML and CSS to inform users and direct them to download the app on the Android and Apple app store.

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