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CxT Coffee

Full Rebrand + Visual Identity System

CxT Roasting Company seamlessly blends the ideals of art and science in their coffee experience, making them the “cool nerds” of the coffee industry. This unique fusion goes beyond crafting a quality product—it’s an invitation for customers to appreciate the meticulous craftsmanship behind each cup. As leaders in quality and innovation, CxT empowers consumers to explore coffee’s nuances, transforming it from a mere beverage into a sensory and educational journey.

Creating The Brand


The CxT Roasting Company's logo blends art and science, showcasing the company's dedication to knowledge and aesthetic experiences. With bold blocky letters and an elegant serif font, the type design strikes a balance between strength and approachability.


The emblem combines a coffee bean motif and the dynamic movement of a roasting drum, symbolizing precision and artistry in the roasting process. The middle bar from the "x" adds uniformity, seamlessly tying the type and emblem together. Overall, the logo conveys the technical aspects of roasting and the delightful tasting experiences offered by CxT.


Photos by Adam Ghantous.

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