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Hide and Seek

Helping Hands

Brand Concept + Visual Identity System

Bowey's Helping Hands is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the dignity of children with Arthrogryposis. This mission is achieved by fundraising for technology that empowers these children to independently feed themselves.

Centered around the belief that children like Bowey possess numerous abilities, the organization emphasizes focusing on what these individuals can achieve rather than their limitations. By accentuating the positive actions of these children, Bowey's Helping Hands aims to instill hope within families affected by Arthrogryposis. 

Creating The Brand


The Bowey’s Helping Hand logo features a unique typographic style that connects letters for a modern and inviting look. The arch-shaped crossbars in the subtype represent generosity, symbolically bringing people with diverse abilities together around a shared meal. These arches and connective letters embody the core values of Bowey’s Helping Hands.

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