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The Guest House

Brand Identity +  Logo Design

The Guest House is aiming to raise the standard for salons in Eureka, Il and surrounding towns. They are a customer first business that focuses on client experience and making everyone who walks through their doors feel seen, valued, and well cared for.

Creating The Brand


The logo is designed to feel trustworthy and classic with thick to thin pen strokes. However, the singular use of a script font in the letter “H” creates a sense of surprise and delight which the Guest House aims to bring to its clients. It also brings personality to the letters and indicates that people are beautiful all on their own, yet there is always a reason to go the extra mile.

Brand Strategy

A strategy was built for The Guest House to help them remain elegant and memorable. The primary focus of the brand was excellent use of typography. Through specific rules surrounding their fonts, we were able to make their brand distinct, beautiful, and full of personality.

All photography for The Guest House is courtesy of Rachel Gierich.

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