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The Arctic Asian

Brand Conceptualization + Visual Identity System

The Arctic Asian brand was created to bring a fresh perspective to the world of health and healing. Instead of simply masking problems or treating symptoms, the Arctic

Asian deals directly with the core issues at hand. By getting to the root of his patient’s issues, he is able to help them rebuild their lives to be ones that are happy, healthy, and sustainable.

Creating The Brand


The logo mark is a play off the initials of The Arctic Asian, “AA”. These two letters were placed together to form a symbol on their own that resembled a mountain range.

Mountains were chosen as the logo mark for their strength and alignment which are two characteristics that also describe The Arctic Asian’s health practice. Mountains are also known for their chilly weather, tying in the Arctic Asian’s cyrotherapy.

Brand Symbolism


Above the mountain range is a floating star. Stars have been known over history to be guides that provide direction for the lost. The star was designed to have 6 points in reference to the 6 degrees of wellness taught by The Arctic Asian.

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