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Golden Auer Photography

Brand Identity +  Logo Design + Web Design

Jordan at Golden Auer Photography wanted to create a brand for her business that stood out among wedding photographers. For her, authenticity was the most important element of her photo process. She desired a brand that showcased her spontaneity, creativity, and welcoming spirit all while also remaining dignified and elegant. 

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The Logo

The Golden Auer logo conveys an eye-catching paradox. The high end typography paired with imperfect doodles creates a unique brand that is both personable and confident. The purpose of the sketches is to add authenticity to the brand and communicate Golden Auer’s natural gift of relating to their clients.

Brand Elements

Beyond the logo, the brand was designed to resemble the look and feel of a travel diary. 

By using Jordan's own handwriting, we were able to craft designs with her own personal touch. These doodles and notes sprinkled across merchandise make the brand feel both joyful and personal.

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