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Roots Therapy

Brand Concept + Visual Identity System + Website Design

Roots Therapy is a boutique counseling practice in Atlanta, Georgia that offers a safe space for individuals to explore and understand themselves. The practice believes that therapy involves diving into one’s past and roots to create new paths forward towards healing, self-love, and a sense of belonging.

Creating The Brand


The Roots Therapy logo is centered around the concept of human stories and the depth they hold. Its overlapping lines serve to symbolize the many layers and complexities of their client's past. The root-like lines run down the logo to suggest the digging into the past, and back up the design to showcase growth into the future.

Overall, this logo is an effective representation of the idea that human stories are deep and multifaceted, and that exploring them can help us to grow and become better versions of ourselves.


Photos by CookHouse Media

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