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Monocle Chocolate

Full Rebrand + Visual Identity System

Monocle Chocolate is a premier chocolate company enriching lives through meticulously crafted, naturally-sourced chocolates which remind customers that every moment is worth savoring. They are family owned in Peoria, Illinois.

Creating The Brand


The design of the Monocle logo begins with a vintage inspired aesthetic, depicted through the combination of thick and thin brush strokes and stippling illustration which evokes a sense of nostalgia and craftsmanship.


The central symbol, a parrot, embodies the quirky and fun side of the brand. Parrots, with their distinct beauty and individuality, represent a unique and vibrant personality. The addition of a monocle to the parrot elevates its sophistication, seamlessly tying in with the name, “Monocle Chocolate.” This juxtaposition of whimsy and refinement is the basis of the entire brand identity.

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