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Brush to Browser: How One Business Used Branding, Web, and Mural Design To Elevate Their Marketing

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

In the past year, Vetter Design Co has had the privilege of collaborating with Evermore Esthetics, a permanent beauty salon located in Normal, Illinois. When first crossing paths with Evermore, they held a vision of who they aspired to be, (well respected artists and thought leaders in permanent beauty) but were struggling to bring that vision to life. It was time they invested in a strategic plan to make the execution of their brand flawless.

A black and white photo of Micah standing in an arched doorway with the Evermore Esthetics logo above her.

What Evermore knew from the very beginning, was that their business's success was dependent on crafting an unforgettable customer experience. They understood that branding went beyond mere colors and fonts; it was a profound commitment to infusing a clear identity into every facet of their business. In this blog, we will explore how they built a new identity and the ways they went above and beyond to implement their brand into their website, interior design, and online marketing.

Understanding The Vision

To begin the project, it was essential to understand the goals Evermore Esthetics held for their business. After a discovery meeting, it became clear that Evermore's vision for their brand transcended the ordinary. They weren't content with being just another average beauty salon – they aspired to be recognized as true artists in their field. They marched to the beat of their own drum and wanted their clients to be empowered to do the same. To achieve this, they knew their brand had to be a canvas that not only showcased their creativity but also celebrated other people's beauty in every form.

The transformation they desired for their clients was about more than aesthetics alone. They envisioned a brand that would provide an experience so enchanting, it could only be described as 'magic-filled.' Every interaction, from the moment a customer stepped through their doors, needed to spark wonder and delight.

However, Evermore also understood that their brand identity had to act like a magnet, drawing in the right clientele – young women who held beauty and time as equally precious. Their brand was designed to resonate with this specific demographic, offering not just exceptional beauty services but also a time-saving and efficient experience.

Creating The Brand

When the redesign process for Evermore Esthetics' brand began, it became clear that the preexisting brand had been functional but lacked the ability to showcase the maturity and professionality that the business had grown into over the years. This is where the real challenge became apparent; we needed to build a brand that struck the perfect balance between reliability and magic.

The design process began first with the logo. This emblem would represent the core of Evermore's visual identity, and it needed to clearly show the personality of the brand. The end result was a circular logo to represent community and a unified group of women.

A star and sunbeams rested as the focal point inside the circle to symbolize immortality and the transformative power of the permanent makeup services to enhance and rejuvenate a person’s confidence. The final result was an emblem that appeared professional, luxurious, and inspirational.

Next, the typography came into play. The original brand used curvy retro fonts- while we wanted to stick with a vintage feel, we also wanted to blend retro nostalgia with more maturity. This slight shift elevated the brand significantly, making them feel much more like professional thought leaders rather than young creatives.

To give Evermore the confidence that they could consistently uphold this new identity across all customer touchpoints, we compiled all design elements into a comprehensive style guide. This guide served as a roadmap, providing Evermore Esthetics with do’s and don’ts of designing marketing materials. With a new plan in hand, Evermore was ready to begin introducing their new identity to the world.

Building the Website

Once the brand was created, it was time to tackle Evermore’s online presence. The goal of their new site was to provide a user-friendly experience to visitors. Due to the studio having several artists, all with different specialties, it was important that we spotlight their talents while still delivering a clear overarching message.

What really made the design shine was already having created the brand’s identity. This preexisting structure allowed us to draw from a large pool of creative elements such as custom illustrations to create a truly unique web experience.

The final product was a website that spoke directly to young women and their desire for efficiency, beauty, and igniting their imaginations.

Bringing It to Life: The Mural

Lastly, Evermore implemented their brand into the physical space of their studio. This decision ensured that customers would have a seamless experience transitioning from exclusively experiencing the brand online, to then walking through the studio doors.

A mural was particularly helpful because it offered an opportunity to showcase all the brand elements- color, type, imagery, and language into one show stopping piece. By stationing the painting in the center of the waiting room, it became an irresistible backdrop for Instagram-worthy snapshots.

In essence, it was more than a mural; it was the embodiment of the brand's creative ambition, and a visual cue to customers that the owners of the space care deeply about creative experiences.

In Conclusion

In the world of entrepreneurship, few decisions are as vital as investing in a professional rebrand. For Evermore, this journey was not taken lightly; it was a deliberate choice with one clear objective - to elevate the customer experience to new heights. Because, happy customers that feel connected, cared for, inspired by, and entertained by your company are customers that keep coming back (and bring others with them).

The experience Evermore has given their customers taps into their desires to be seen, celebrated, and inspired. By committing to great branding and implementing their new identity at every opportunity, Evermore has ensured that they will always be remembered.

So if you’ve been curious on how to improve your customer experience, take 10 minutes to look at your business. Is there a consistent theme running through your customer touch points? And if there is- is the theme one that will stop people in their tracks? If not, it’s time to consider what a rebrand could do for your business.

Remember, your customers deserve the very best, and in giving them that, you're giving yourself the best too.


Meet The Artist

Micah Vetter is a muralist located in Central Illinois. She is a trained brand designer with a passion for making sure the energy entrepreneurs feel about their business translates perfectly to the the people who need their product most. She creates mural designs that ensure customers take notice, buy in, and become loyal fans for a lifetime.


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