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Image by Tanya Trofymchuk

Labyrinth Made Goods

Brand Identity +  Logo Design + Packaging Design

Labyrinth Made Goods™ is a nonprofit social enterprise that provides employment and professional development to formerly incarcerated women through the making and selling of soy candles. A new brand was created to for their candle line debut in 2020.

front sticker-04.png

At Labyrinth, they see value and dignity within every woman’s unique life story. Care was given to every detail of the typography to make the design of these candles as powerful as the women behind them. The type chosen was a tall san-serif with significant tracking. This made the letterforms themselves seem both strong and refined.


In order to pay tribute to the name "Labyrinth", thin lines were spread throughout the branding and turned into maze-like patterns. Taking it one step further, the lines were intricately placed to create a solvable maze for customers inside the lid of the candle packaging. 

The End Result

Overall, the candle and packaging design worked together to capture the values and mission of Labyrinth Made Goods.  The candles launched summer 2020 and are available for in store and online purchase.

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