Get Out The Vote 
About the project 

Micah's "Get Out The Vote" poster was originally created for the AIGA initiative and was later featured in an article on ideas.ted.  See article here. 


Inspiration for this poster started as a response to the largely negative and anger-filled posts surrounding the topic of the election on social media. It was disturbing that people were focusing on voting AGAINST something more than they were motivated to vote FOR something.


Micah was worried that this negativity would overwhelm the majority of voters and result in less civic engagement. As a response, she wanted to remind people that voting is not a divisive act, but it is actually one of the most generous and unifying things you can offer to the people around you. For this reason, she chose to illustrate a sea of women intertwined and supported by one another. Overall, this poster is a depiction of the ideal mindset that should surround voting- one that advocates, unites, and inspires.