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Epiphany Farms

Brand Identity +  Logo Design + Illustration

The Epiphany Farms team was looking to expand their brand to include all that their estate had to offer. The company wanted to take a step in a more elegant direction with a new logo and color palette that would be a beautiful blend of both a working farm and a high-end event space.

The Logo

The concept for the Epiphany logo is based on the idea of a vintage family crest. For this logo, the “E” and “F” of “Epiphany Farms” were bonded together to form one mold. The crest was designed to symbolize the leader and pioneer that Epiphany is within their community.

The swashes moving in and around the letters bring an energy that symbolizes the grace and growth that the estate showcases in its business.

Brand Elements

Beyond the logo, the brand was designed to mimic the style of linocut artwork. This style was chosen to represent the brand due to its vintage roots and authentic story telling.

By having additional illustrations, the brand is able to showcase its personality through interesting visuals placed on merchandise and packaging.


Photos by Adam Ghantous.

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