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Empowered Human Academy

Logo + Brand Design

The founders of Empowered Human Academy strive to inspire and activate people of all kinds to live lives full of purpose. Knowing that this journey is not easy for everyone, they began an organization that equips users through podcasts and life coaching to offer a more fulfilling future.

The Process


A core value of EHA is learning from each other's stories. Knowing this, we aimed to create a logo that embraced human differences while simultaneously celebrating community. After many iterations we landed upon the perfect symbol, a human fingerprint. 

The final logo was comprised of many intricate lines swirling together. While these lines were symbolic of a fingerprint, they also showcased inclusion and support through the way that the lines came together to form one unified piece. 

Where They Are Today

Since their launch, Empowered Human Academy has started a successful podcast interviewing people from all background types sharing knowledge from their respective fields. Through these episodes topics such as health, self-discovery, and social justice are shared with listeners equipping them to live with purpose and integrity.

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