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ROLE:   Brand Identity, Logo Design, Signage

Brand identity created for a new class-A Industrial Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.

How It Started

The team behind the Eagle Crest Industrial Park needed a brand for its state-of-the art, Class-A industrial development. The park covered 353,750 square feet and was in need of a brand that would highlight its cutting edge presence in the Raleigh area.

metalsign (1).png

The Process

The official Eagle Crest logo was designed to be a combination of both a mountain crest and an eagle in flight.  When combined the two shapes created a symbol that was reflective of the development’s name while still being ambiguous enough to allow for unlimited future growth.  

The logo also appeared as a north bound arrow. This shape created momentum symbolizing the forward moving trajectory of the property.


The End Result

The Eagle Crest brand came together to showcase all the best that the park had to offer. Striking geometric shapes, bold colors, and strong typography created a both modern and sophisticated identity. The first phase of the Eagle Crest Industrial Park was launched for leasing on June 21, 2021.