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Enve Aesthetics

Brand Conceptualization + Visual Identity System + Website Design

Designed In Collaboration With Joy Warren Creative

Enve Aesthetics is a medical spa that cultivates an inviting and safe space for all clients. The spa recognizes the beauty of a confident woman and strives to build a community of women who lift each other up.

High-end treatments are available for everyone at Enve Aesthetics. Clients feel confident in and relaxed by the spa’s medical-grade services, knowing they’re in the hands of highly trained professionals. With a calming and friendly environment, Enve Aesthetics empowers clients to step out boldly and beautifully.

Creating The Brand


The Enve Aesthetics brand embodies connectivity. The intentionally joined letterforms symbolize not only a relationship between clients and staff, but also clients’ relationships with themselves.

The brand's style is clean and feminine, offering accessible luxury. With an approachable and friendly vibe, Enve exudes a relaxed yet trendy atmosphere. Ultimately, the brand reflects tranquil confidence, empowering women to forge meaningful connections and endless possibilities.

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