Happiness Calendar 
About the project 

This desk calendar was inspired by the International Day of Happiness that occurs on March 20th every year. Bright and enthusiastic colors were paired with illustrations showcasing uplifting imagery to honor the joyous holiday. The typography is warm and positive as well, featuring hand written type that makes each card feel even more personal and supportive.


The calendar was created to hold only enough cards for one month of the year. This was done however, to make the calendar more reusable. Sine the days are not tied to a month, this calendar can be used for years, creating a great and eco-friendly product.

Each day of the week was created to stand alone on its own card with an affirming note and illustration. The idea behind this calendar was that in order for all to be happy, all must be willing to give happiness. Therefore, the purpose of the calendar is not to have it only on your desk, but to give each day’s positive card away to encourage someone you love.