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Micah Vetter is the designer and founder behind Vetter Design Co, a creative studio committed to elevating brands using a creative edge that makes their business unforgettable.

With a background in design, fine arts, and social media, Micah is equipped to create designs that enhance any business’s public image. She believes in the power of authenticity and knows that the best way to reach a target audience is to tell a compelling story.

Micah values the process of getting to know her clients in order to best meet their business needs. The result? Designs that are unapologetic and unique to the owners behind them.


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I am committed to creating designs that reflect, inspire, and elevate my clients.

Hey, I'm Micah.

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A note from the founder. 

I love many things. I love the smell of spring and my husband holding my hand on an evening walk. I love sunsets and bonfires, art museums, and lifting weights. I love talking to my grandma and reading a book in the stillness of the morning.

But most importantly I love watching a person chase their dream. Not just any person, I'll be honest about that. I'm only intrigued by the realest ones. The ones who show up as themselves and no one else. Their dreams are the ones that last.


That's why I built this business. Because the fire in my chest burns when I'm around them. Their aspirations inspire me and they keep my head swimming with thrilling possibilities.


Entrepreneurs, visionaries, and dreamers- my designs are for you. To lift you up, to be an extra engine in the ship you have already so brilliantly created.

I cannot wait to see where it takes you.



interested in working with me?

I'd love to get to know you.

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