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A design agency committed to creating designs that reflect, inspire, and elevate our clients.

Micah Vetter is the designer and founder behind Vetter Design Co, a creative studio committed to elevating brands using a creative edge that makes their business unforgettable.

With a background in design, fine arts, and social media, Micah is equipped to create designs that enhance any business’s public image. She believes in the power of authenticity and knows that the best way to reach a target audience is to tell a compelling story.

Micah values the process of getting to know her clients in order to best meet their business needs. The result? Designs that are unapologetic and unique to the owners behind them.



Meet the founder and designer behind Vetter Design Co. 

Since beginning her design career, Micah has worked with clients such as TedX, Command Coffee, Native Among You Photography, and Vera & Buck Floral Studio to develop brand identities or marketing collateral. She has also traveled to create destination murals in over 4 different states.

Micah earned a degree in Graphic Design from Illinois State University. After graduating, she was employed with Foundry Commercial in Raleigh, NC. There she lead design efforts supporting multi million dollar business deals in the commercial real estate industry and creating brand identities for up and coming properties.

Throughout her years of experience in the design world, Micah has grown to see the true power of intentional design. It is her mission to use that power to create an even more beautiful and inclusive world around her.



"Micah’s talents transcend the normal boundaries present in the design world. She humanizes the design process in a way that is fresh and brilliant. Her designs speak for themselves - sharp, modern, striking. As a creator for hire - she’s thoughtful, inquisitive and focused.

Hire Micah for any of your design needs. You’ll find yourself better because of it."

-Phil, Native Among You

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