A graphic designer dedicated to providing creative solutions to brand identities, UI, and illustration.
"To me, design is so much more than its principles and creativity. It's about the community. About pulling people in, and hence; together. "
-Micah Vetter

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Micah is a graphic designer who specializes in illustration, branding, and UI design. During her years in the industry she has worked with notable clients such as TEDX, Labyrinth Made Goods, and Command Coffee to create branding and visual identities. Through these clients, she also gained experience in motion graphics and experiential design.


Since then, Micah has worked as a designer for Foundry Commercial while simultaneously generating her own freelance clientele

In her free time, Micah is constantly innovating. She, along with her husband, have created their own start-up mobile app which is projected to hit the app store later this year! Outside of their personal project, they have also worked to design and publish the Permission Experience App, released in February 2020.

Micah is incredibly passionate about human connection and believes in using her design to help the people around her. She thrives in team environments and takes time to truly understand her clients. 


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